Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW 193 Tick Tock Clock

Hello Everyone, I am late to the party today, I got up late and dashed out to do my weekly workshop at High Legh, and forgot to take a picture of my desk and post before I went out. If you dont know why I want to take a picture of my desk, hop over to Julias blog  and learn how to join in the fun.
I am back in the house now fed watered and have tried my best to get some light on the matter as outside it is cold windy and this mornings snow is slowly being replaced by lots of icy rain so the sky is grey.

Any way enough of my excuses.  On my desk today we have  clocks new stamps and masks from my visit to the Event City Show in Manchester where I went with my lovely friend Anne  We came back with lots of lovely goodies.  So you can see a couple mdf clocks in various stages of painting and the lovely new Indigo Blu stamp that I bought which is just perfect for decorating them. The picture on the left is the first clock I have finished, I played safe and just did basic black stamping with a crackle stamp onto a stone coloured background.  Its ok for a first effort but now I know how much space I have got under the clock hands, I am going a bit more adventurous with the next and trying some texture paste and embellishments.  I have seen somewhere on utube a formula for making your own texture paste, thus the bottle of talcum powder and pot of mod podge on the desk, but then I could not remember the formula, so It is sat waiting for me to get back on utube to continue.  The two new masks looking like they have just been perfectly placed on top are because I cant decide which one to use on this project.  You may just be able to spot a couple of the distress applicators that my lovely Al has made for me (one is an original) they work perfect, and he has just passed me a bag of 20 so I wont have to keep chopping and changing them. 
Anyway that all folks time to catch up on my run around other desks now cu soon.
Hugs Mo x



  1. Hi Mo, your clock is fabulous, I really love how you put black around the cogs, it really lifts the face. Your crackling looks amazing too and glad to see that you put the No. 6 upside down, which is right and not the right side up (as I once did - silly me). Those distress implements look just like the ones you buy - Al did a wonderful job on those. Hugs, Anne x #37

    Thanks for visiting already, the builders have gone for the day.....

  2. I recognise that clock Mo.....
    You've done a great job. Can't believe it's a week nearly since we were at Trafford. It's gone so quickly.
    Fingers crossed the snow has gone in the morning.
    Lynn x

  3. I just love your clock! Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@147)

  4. Love your clock-great crackle effect! Love the goodies on your desk too! Chris#94

  5. Your clock is awesome. Can't wait to see your next ones, or imagine what other techniques you have in mind. I'm hearing you on the Utube thing. I see something, want to try it, go downstairs at night for creative time and think 'now what did they do?'. Love your TH tools too. Hubby did a great job shaping the handles. Mine are just 'cut down dowls'- no shaping. But hey, they work, and I didn't have to pay out for them. Just glued some heavy duty velcro on the end with Fabritac glue and they work swell. Your desk is so neat...sigh. TFS - back soon. Mary H #136

  6. i LOVE the clock - just gorgeous!!
    and many thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)

  7. Wow, that's amazing! So creative! Thanks for coming by the Playhouse, Mo! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #46

  8. I really love your clock. I can't wait to see the next one. April #119