Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hi Everyone,
Firstly can I say a big hello to my new followers, Thank you for joining me on my crafty journey.  My desk today has not moved on too much from last week and still sees me playing with home made texture paste (Yes I found the recipe) to the top left you can see more wooden hearts lovingly cut out by DH in various stages of texture and decorating. Down from these we have 2 alphabet/numerical stamp sets I am using on my tick tocks. At the front are 2 flutterbys these are a test run for the for the next clock (the one drying at the back right behind the pot of texture paste) You cant quite see the pattern of the texture on that one, it is flowery.  I have a couple of numbers at the front, two were stamped wrong and the number 7 is getting a border of archival pen.  The distress pads really should have been cleared off the desk as I am done with them, but you know how it is you just carry on until you run out of desk space.  You can just see behind the DP's a clue to where I am heading with this current clock - Buzzy Bees. (UPDATE: I have just posted the finished clock see newer post for a nosey). 
Ok that's all for now, I will try to catch up with as many other desks as I can, I love to see what everyone else is up to.  Join in the fun with our host Julia at


  1. Looks like a lot of work in progress Mo. hope you have a good crafty week
    Lynn x

  2. Gosh, you are busy with those cocks and they are looking good. Love bees so my eye is drawn to the stamped ones and the honeycomb stencil.
    Thanks for visiting this morning.
    Ann B

  3. Hi Mo, your desk certainly looks like you have been a busy bee (pun intended!). I have a quandary though, if Roman Numeral VI goes upside down on a clock, does the number 6 go upside down too? Anyway, I love the honeycomb pattern on the clock and how clever to put the numbers in honeycomb shapes too! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37

    1. Hi Anne I was in a quandry too but it seems roman numerals do go upside down r around the clock but modern clocks seem to have them right way up please someone let me know if I am wrong before I stick them down:)

  4. home made texture paste? my, that's clever. have a great crafty week. Helen 5

  5. looks like you have been one busy girl! I am curious about the homemade texture paste...are you going to share the recipe? Love all the clocks you are making. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #28

  6. Great desk, with a lovely project on the go :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  7. Great job. Love the honeycomb stencil. Need to put that on my craft wish list.

    Enjoy hopping around the world today nosing into people desks.
    Lori #57

  8. Happy WOYWW..lots of intruiging things on your desk I shall look forward to seeing finished creations...have a good week...Gill x #103

  9. Busy work desk this week. Hope you share your clock faces when you finished.
    Thanks for popping by my blog
    Krisha #21

  10. your clock and hearts look like they are coming on a treat. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished clock with it's bee's.
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW
    Ria #73

  11. That's a busy desk, looks like you're having lots of fun!

    Look forward to seeing the finished articles!

    happy WOYWW

    Debs #101

  12. The clocks are going to look great - a giant cog, right? How nice to have your DH handy with the saw to cut out shapes for you!

    Thank you for visiting me already!!
    I became your latest follower.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #2

  13. The butterflies are looking lovely Mo.
    Happy WOYWW, have a super week,
    Laura 146

  14. OMG, Maureen, I saw your newer post and that clock and heart have me buzzing, too! Just stunning work by you and DH!!

    Thanks for leaving some love at the Playhouse! Happy WOYWWing!! Darnell #48

  15. What a busy desk, you're having fun there AND a crafty DH - lucky you! Happy WOYWW MM x #108

  16. Looks like you've been having a lovely crafty time. Love the clock and the stamps you've used x

  17. Hi Mo! Love your desk, looks awfy busy!!! off to have a nosy at the clock!
    Mo xxx #81
    thanks for visiting my blog today! x