Friday, 12 February 2016

Spring Canvas ( Part 1)

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by .  I have been working on a canvas this week that was one of those projects that I had to do a little walk away and come back to whilst I thought of where it was going.  Unusually for once I remembered to take photos along the way so this has enabled me to show you the step by step of how I put it together.  This post is part one  where I show you the make up, and on my next post you can see the finished canvas and close ups, hope you enjoy.

Spread texture paste through doily stencil over various areas of the canvas

Dribble Victorian Velvet distress stain down from each short edge of the canvas towards the centre and spritz water to help it run down more
dab off with a paper towel if it starts going to far.  Continue until you are happy
Add Peacock distress stain to some textures areas, again add water to disperse the colour more
Finally add Peeled Green distress stain
Tear some scrap ends of coloured paper into strips and glue down with a matt medium, I was using odd bits from a  pad called sewing bird.  Keep adding layers, mixing up the different colours of paper
Use a Stabilo All pencil to go around the outline of the paper pieces and blend out with a blending stump. If you prefer a cleaner look you can skip this step but I quite like the definition it gives.
At this point I decided it needed something in the space in the bottom left corner so I punched a few different sizes of circles from matching paper scraps.  Glue down and outline as before.
Stamp around the edges of the paper with a texture stamp and watering can archival ink. The stamp I used was from Itsy Bitsy backgrounds by Indigo Blu.
Using the same background stamp as before, stamp over various areas with versamark and use gold embossing powder to pick up the detail.  Use the Versamark again around the edges and gold emboss these too.
I am lucky enough to own a melt pot and I have melted some  ultra thick embossing powder into it and tipped it into a mould to make these embellishments, but they could be replaced by ready made wood or  die cut card embellishments triple embossed.  The dribbles are just some of the melted  embossing powder  that had drpped onto the craft mat en route to the mould that I left to cool and peeled off.  Bring out the detail on the mouldings with treasure gold.
The edges were nice as they had the canvas colors on them from the dribbling but I decided they needed to tie in with the gold edges more but I didn't want to loose the colours altogether.
So I mixed up some gold acrylic paint with a gloss medium which gave it a more transluscent effect tying everything together.
Gather a few more embellishments and complimentary supplies to be used on the finished project.
To be continued......
Tune in tomorrow (Saturday)  to see how the canvas turned out
Mo x


  1. So glad you remembered the process photos... there's nothing I enjoy more than watching layers build up... can't wait to see where it's heading next.
    Alison xx

  2. Oh I'm so so happy your back in blogland, it's always a treat to visit. This canvas looks very exciting, great to see the stages and I look forward to popping back for the grande finale.
    Hugs, Julie x

  3. really fabulous Mo - looking forward to seeing the completed work - great evolution - fabulous x

  4. Fabulous canvas Mo. A great tutorial too, looking forward to seeing the completed canvas. Hugs Rita xxxx

  5. I did this the wrong way around but it has been great to see your step by step photos for creating that layered background. I love how you edged the paper strips, it really made them 'pop'. Love this. Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Wow! I won't be staying long here -this looks so wonderful can't wait to see how it was finished! I love the outlined papers! Hugs, Chrisx