Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Tag Live the Dream!

Hi Everyone,
Here I am once again, last minute once again, with my May tag. I had a huge problem with the tag this month as I did not have any rub ons, and as that was the main feature of the technique that Tim used it was really something I had to find.  As some of you know I went for a visit to see my best friend Anne yesterday and she came to my rescue with some rub ons she had left over from when she did her tag last weekend.  Thanks Anne x.
So today I was up with the birds and  got on with it, so here it is.  
The tag is done very much on mine and my DH's hopes and dreams for the next few years - let me explain as quick as I can without boring you to much.  Everyone wants to Live the Dream right so the ticket wording is self explanatory, Top right is the compass with the finger pointing to the south as we wish to live on the South coast thus the lovely mix of sea blue colours. We hope to go when my DH retires at 65 thus the GO part bottom left corner with the 65 underneath it.  The clock has no hands, a sign that time would not matter, and the aeroplane on the bottom is a hope that we would have the time fly on holiday wherever and whenever we want.  The birds under the word band represent one of our joint hobbies birdie watching and photographing birds and wildlife which we do quite a lot on our walks along the coast and in the country. The butterflies & moths represent the fact that life is short and you need to make the most of it and pack in as much as you can (bearing in mind that they only live an average of 30/40days and some as little as 3 days).  With all this in mind the lengthen or shorten is our choice to lengthen the quality time we spend together enjoying each others company.    So these are our wishes hopes and dreams as on the ceramic tag. No. 5 only really represents the month of May for the tag. 
Phew! sorry about that but I hope I explained what was going through my head as I was constructing the tag.  The background was a mixture of Shaded Lilac and Broken China distress stains and a dab of Dusty Concorde here and there.  The weather has been dark & grey today so I had to take it outside to photograph it once the rain had stopped for 5 minutes.  There is still some background stamping detail with the Dusty Concorde and broken china, that does not show up very well on the photo, but this is the best shot I managed to get for you.  I quite like the finished tag, hope you do too.
Mo x        


  1. What a brilliant take on the tag - and what a glorious depth of meaning and intention there is to it too... With this hanging on your wall, you'll be inspired to pursue those plans and dreams - no question!
    Alison xx

  2. Hi Mo, I love your dream story which I have no doubt whatsoever that you and Alan will achieve. Your tag is gorgeous, I love the blues and lilac, they make a stunning background! The rub-ons look good too - lol. I think you do as Alison says and put it up on your wall. Big hugs my friend, Anne xx

  3. Love your tag and I specially love all the meaning behind it, that makes it so special! Beautiful colours and how kind of Anne to let you use her rub ons!. I agree with Alison (Butterfly) this is really going to help you realize those dreams! I just love the whole idea of this!!

  4. This is a most beautiful tag. I love the depth of colour and the gorgeous combination of blue and lilac. The meaning behind it is lovely too. My husband is taking early retirement from teaching in August - you've inspired me to create a tag just for him. x

  5. Hi Mo, Love your tag as it tells a wonderful story... Gorgeous colours too... I do hope your dreams come true... Im sure they will.... Hugs May x x x

  6. So glad you gave us the story behind this tag Mo as it brings it to life even more. Love your choice of colours too. Crossing everything your dreams are realised. Hugs, Jenny x

  7. Hi Almo, just love this tag you made, great T.H. stuff going on there! It's funny, but I never make tags. Maybe it's a silly thing, but I really never quite know what to do with them. A card I can send, but a tag?? Hugs Frea